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Optimise your IT assets to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape with a results-driven IT strategy tailored to your specific business needs.



Infrastructure Technology Consulting and Integration

  • Solve critical enterprise challenges with current technology innovations that are aligned with your business strategy.

  • Protect your business in today’s connected world with a robust IT security architecture, complete with threat assessment and strategy implementation. 

  • Optimise your IT infrastructure with Radix Berrie’s comprehensive end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions.

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Optimisation, Consolidation, Renewal, Maintenance and Support

  • Tap into our ecosystem of IT specialists and leading vendors for a one-stop enterprise IT solutions procurement. 

  • Renewal and maintenance consolidation.

  • Third-party support

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Adoption of New Technologies

  • Maximise system performance with a technology refresh programme that is tailored to your business objectives and budget.

  • Maintain and replace outdated technology with a routine refresh cycle for optimised IT performance, energy consumption, service delivery, and costs. 

Key Benefits

IT Procurement

Your long-term success is our priority. Simplify your procurement operations with Radix Berrie's intelligent and impartial procurement process. Our strong relationships with industry-leading vendors will ensure optimal pricing balanced with quality.

Technology Refresh

No longer have to worry about technology refresh. Leave that to us.

Trusted Advisor

  • Radix Berrie's team of engineers has enterprise-level skillsets.

  • We work with leading technology partners.

  • Domain expertise in IBM, Oracle, Red Hat operating systems, middleware, and databases.

Cost Optimisation

  • Renewal consolidation

  • Third-party maintenance

  • Support packs

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