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Cloud offerings, software, and infrastructure solutions delivered seamlessly to maximise ease, agility, and scalability while maintaining proper control of your IT environment.

Radix Berrie EASY will determine the right mix of cloud for your business.


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EASY Compute

Virtual machines for compute workloads, and performance and memory optimisation, to scale and unlock innovation.

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EASY Object Storage

Store and manage high volumes of static or unstructured data reliably, efficiently, and affordably. 

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EASY Cloud Services

Migrate to cloud quickly and seamlessly with minimum business disruptions for increased productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. 

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EASY Virtual Desktop

Deploy and manage desktops for greater data security, increased workforce mobility and flexibility, faster software updates and installations, and cost-savings.

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EASY Storage

Get access to scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud storage services to meet your growing business needs. Pay only for the cloud storage you need. 

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EASY Backup

Easily backup, store, retain, and archive high volumes of data for extended periods of time securely and cost-effectively. 

Key Benefits


Quickly scale and shrink your IT infrastructure and resources as needed to meet your business demands. 

Flexibility and Mobility 

Workplaces are no longer confined to desks, especially in our new normal. Gain access to your business data and applications using any device anytime, anywhere.

Technology Refresh

No longer have to worry about technology refresh. Leave that to us.

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